Different Types of Cranes in Australia

All-terrain cranes

Liebherr all-terrain cranes

All-terrain cranes are highly used for heavy lifting, maneuverability, and are ideal for on-road and off-road construction and other industrial projects. Moreover, all-terrain cranes provide reliable and safe performance with various boom lengths. Apart from this, all-terrain drivers can enjoy the comfort of all-wheel steering. Overall, all-terrain cranes are a smart option for your business.

Tower Cranes

tower crane

Tower cranes are mostly used on major construction sites to construct the tall building. Tower cranes often rise hundreds of feet into the air and deliver tools and materials such as steel, concrete, and generators. Tower cranes mainly consist of a base, tower, and a slewing unit at the top. The crane crew sits on top of the mast and has full access to the top.

Franna Cranes

20 tonne franna crane

Franna Cranes are mainly used for heavy operations, as these cranes perform heavy operations very smoothly because of their strength. Franna cranes are also famous as ‘pick and carry cranes. Franna cranes can travel long distances and can be set up in any type of space. Franna crane is a pick-and-carry crane and it’s similar to a mobile crane and its stabilizing legs make setting up the Franna quick and easy.

Franna Cranes comes with different lift capacities ranging from 15 tonne to 40 tonne. There are four capacity Franna cranes in Australia 15t, 22 t, 25t and 40t.

Hydraulic Truck Crane

Hydraulic Truck Cranes are different from other kinds of lifting machines on construction sites. These cranes are useful for heavy operations that depend on an internal hydraulic system. Their set of wheels offers greater mobility on the job site.

Rough Terrain Cranes

Rough Terrain Cranes are smaller in size than other cranes, can adjust in congested spaces. Rough Terrain Cranes are the kind of mobile cranes that consists of an undercarriage with four oversized rubber tires, and four-wheel steering. These cranes are mainly used for lifting heavy objects in extraordinary conditions.

Rough Terrain Cranes can smoothly run over rocky surfaces and another terrain. Moreover, they can travel over roads and move easily from project to project.

City Class Cranes 

City cranes are ideal for in-city work with great maneuverability. These cranes also work inside existing buildings with all-wheel drive and a strong steering system. Apart from this, city-class cranes have great ability to pick and carry and they can easily adjust in tight spaces because of their compact size. 

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