vacant land low doc loans

Vacant Land Low Doc Loans

Are you looking buy a vacant land and is looking for low doc loan? Look no further! Contact RealLoans for low doc mortgages to buy a vacant land.

We specialise in low documentation loans for self employed individual, company or trust in Australia.

Low Doc Loan with Realloans?

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With over 30 lenders available, RealLoans Mortgage Brokers will provide you with the low doc loan option that is best suited for you.

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Mortgage Broker at RealLoans will guide you throughout your home loan process and ensure you have a quick easy loan approval. 

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We will ensure that your mortgage application process is smooth and we will keep you informed throughout the process until the settlement. 

What documents are needed for Low Doc Loan to Buy Vacant Land ?

Even if it’s a low doc mortgage, the bank will still need sort of evidence to make sure that you are able to make regular and minimum repayments. 

  • Business Activity Statements (BAS) – Depending on the Bank and lender, they may ask for up to 12 months of BAS information
  • Bank statements – Statements to provide evidence of income over the period of time. 
  • Personal declaration – when you apply for a low doc home loan, stating how much you earn and providing a declaration you believe you can repay the loan
  • Business details – Details, such as your ABN and Business name 
  • Accountant’s letter – A document from your accountant may also be required that verify your income

Low Doc Loan Features

Borrower TypeIndividual, Company or Trust
Loan PurpousePurchase and refinance of vacant land
Maximum Loan Amount$1,500,000
LVRUp to 70%
Credit HistoryBad or Good
ABN/GST1 years old ABN and 1 year GST registered
Loan Repament TypeP&I and interest only
Interest Rate TypeVariable only
Risk Fee0 to 2.5% depending upon the LVR

Which lenders offer low doc Mortgages for Vacant Land?

Realloans Australia have access 30+ lenders with some offering low documentation home loan for self-employed with variable interest rate. Bank are offering low doc loan principal & interest and interest only repayment along with features like 100% offset account, redraw or extra repayment jus like you normal home loan.

Many banks, credit unions, building societies and other non-bank lenders offers a low doc home loan in Australia. When it comes to low doc home loan each lender have different lending criteria, rates, fees and features.

Most lenders offering low docs home loans will charge some sort of risk fee, ongoing fee or annual fee. That’s why it’s always a good thing to take into consideration when choosing one bank over the other, not just the interest rate.

The LVR of the home loan varies lender to lender and may also vary depending upon where the security property is located. You may surprised to know the some lender charging more risk fee for a property in regional area as compared to Metro. You may also need to more deposit, depending upon you circumstance and credit history.

Their are a good list of lenders with offer low doc loans few of them are Bluestone, Pepper, Liberty, Redzed, MA Money, La Trobe Financial.

loc doc mortgage Lenders  for vacant land in Australia

Risk Fee for Low Doc Land Loan

Risk fee one of the things you need to consider with getting a low doc loan. For loc doc loan for land only you may or may not have to pay depending upon Loan value ratio (LVR) and upon the lender.

The LVR for Metropolitan 75% while for other are its less than 60% for low doc vacant land mortgage.

Land Zoning and Low doc Land Mortgages

The properties in the Metropolitan and regional cities have standard Land zoning, lender are happy to lend. Land with rural and rural residential zoning the size of the land is one the deciding factor for lender. Land only Acreage size under 50 hectors can be financed but its case by case scenario.

Rural Land Low Doc Loans

Buying a rural land is not always easy, as not may bank not offering rural land finance with some have very strict requirement. There are low doc lenders offer loan to buy rural land, it always good to use the broker that good knowledge about rural land finance.

Low Doc Mortgage FAQs

What is a low doc home loan?

Low doc also know low documentation home loan is not your normal home loan. The Low Doc home loan require very less documentation as compared to full doc home loan that usually require 2 most recent tax return (individual and company) and Notice of assessments (NOAs).
Low doc loans are designed for self-employed individuals or business owner with ABN that cannot provide payslips, financial statements or tax returns as documented evidence of income.

Do you offer loc doc construction loans?

Yes we offer low doc home loan for construction in Australia. However be mindful of the LVR for low doc construction loan. It can vary on location category. If have a vacant land low doc loan with lender that have condition to start construction with certain period, then your are obligated to start the construction before that date. Otherwise you can refinance to another lender that offer low doc construction loans.

We about do you offer low document home loan in Australia?

We are based in Melbourne, but we can low doc documentation home loans through Australia. We provide loc doc loans in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and other cities across Australia.

I need to refinance my vacant land loan to low doc loan for cash out, can you help?

Yes we can refinance your loan with low doc vacant land. Whether your reason of refinance your standard home loan or private mortgage to low doc loans with cash out, debt consolidation, ATO debt, for investment or just for better rate. We have access to the lenders that offer low doc home loan at less than 3% interest rate, Don’t miss the opportunity, Call us now.

Are low doc loans still available if yes what’s the maximum LVR for a vacant land low doc loan?

Yes the low doc home loans are still available in Australia. The maximum LVR for low doc loan to buy a vacant land depends upon where the land location, land size and zoning. The maximum LVR for a low doc mortgage to land only is 70% in Metropolitan and below 60% for regional, rural and remote locations.

Whats is the interest rate for low doc home loan in Australia?

The interest rate for low doc mortgages in Australia starts from 6%. The low doc loan rate for vacant land varies upon land location, size and zoning and individual credit score.

I am a self-employed and I am thinking of buying a vacant land for investment property but don’t have current financials, does Realloans offers low documentation loan for land?

Yes at Realloans Australia have access banks and specialist lenders that offer vacant land low doc to self-employed for buying a land as an investment.

How do I apply for a low doc land loan?

Our mortgage brokers are experts in low doc financing. Send us an online enquiry or call us at +61412447728 and we will be in touch with some free quotes from leading bank and non-bank lenders that specialise in low doc and lite doc lending.

What is size of land matters when palling for low doc loan?

Yes definitely, the bigger the land is, the harder it will be to finance it. Up to 2 hectares there are certain banks that can lend unto 80 %. With land size greater than 2 hectares, LVR decreases and there are only few lender that can lend.
With land size greater than 10 hectares the LVR is usually 60% or less with banks will consider each case differently.

I have bad credit history, can I get loc doc loan for buying a vacant land?

It is very hard to buy vacant land with low doc loan if you have bad credit history but at Realloans we work have partnered with a credit repair company that will help you repair repairing credit file.
We have helped clients that had defaults and black marks in credit file get loans. Contact us, we will be more than happy to look at your case.
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Which non conforming lenders offer low doc loans in Australia?

Below is a list of some of the top non-conforming lenders offering vacant land loans in Australia: Bluestone, Latrobe Financial, Pepper money, Resimac and few others

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