Acreage Loans in Australia

Are you looking for finance or refinance an acreage that’s a hobby farm, vacant land or income producing farm, Look no further! Contact Realloans Australia.

We offer loan for acreages up to 100 hectares in Australia, whether its a rural properties up to 100 hectares with a completed dwelling or up to 50 hectares with vacant land.

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Acreage Loans with Realloans?

Brokers – Expert and Independent

We have one of the rural mortgage brokers that specialise in acreage finance and provide every customer a personalised service depending on their individual needs.

40+ Lenders

With over access to 40 lenders available, Realloans Mortgage Brokers will provide you with the commercial and lifestyle acreage loan option that is best suited for you.

Easy Loan Approval

Acreage Mortgage Broker at Realloans Australia will guide you throughout your loan process and ensure you have a quick easy loan approval. 

Smooth Loan Settlement

We will ensure that your mortgage application process is smooth and we will keep you informed throughout the process until the settlement. 

What is a acreage loan

Acreage loans refer to loans that are specifically designed for the purchase or financing of land or acreage. Acreage typically refers to a large area of land, often measured in acres, and these loans are used for various purposes such as agricultural development, real estate investment, or recreational use.

Things to consider getting your acreage loan

  •  Land size – The size of the land is a significant factor to consider when seeking a home loan for land purchases, as it will determine the required deposit for securing the funds.The borrowing limits may differ based on the lender. In certain cases, you may be able to borrow up to 95% of the property’s value if the land measures up to 11 hectares. If you are interested in buying a larger block of land, it is typically required to have a minimum deposit of 20%.
  •  Land Location – The location of the land you are interested in purchasing is an important consideration in securing your funds, as it will affect the assessment process including access and zoning regulations.One may consider a block of land in a capital city or regional center that has sealed roads and proper road access for standard vehicles more favourable compared to land in remote locations without road access. Understanding the zoning regulations for your block of land is crucial in order to confirm its suitability for residential use.
  •  It the Land registered or unregistered – Before buying land, make sure it’s registered because lenders won’t provide funds for unregistered land. Registered land is ready for building, with all services connected and road infrastructure complete.
  •  Intention to build – Having the intent to build on your land can be helpful in securing a land loan, but it is not necessary to have immediate plans. Lenders consider it a higher risk when there is no intention to build on the land compared to a borrower who plans to build within a few years of owning the land.
  •  Land purpose – To qualify for a vacant land loan, the property must be used for personal or investment purposes, not for farming. You can use your land as a hobby farm, but it may generate little income.

Acreage Loan Features

Borrower TypeIndividual, Company or Trust
Loan PurposePurchase and refinance of acreage
Maximum Loan Amount$25mil
LVRUp to 80%
Credit HistoryBad or Good
Loan Repament TypeP&I and interest only
Interest Rate TypeFixed or Variable

Which lenders offer Mortgages for acreages?

Realloans Australia have access 35+ lenders with some offering offering vacant land mortgages. The Bank are offering low doc loan principal & interest and interest only repayment along with features like 100% offset account, redraw or extra repayment jus like you normal home loan.

Many banks and non-bank lenders offers loan for acreages in Australia.

The LVR of the home loan varies lender to lender and may also vary depending upon where the security property is located. You may have to put more deposit if property is in rural or regional area.

Lender offering land loans in Australia

Acreage interest rates

The interest rates for acreage loans tend to be higher compared to rates for typical home loans. The higher risk associated with land loans makes lenders cautious about them.

Due to the fluctuation of land prices and the longer time it takes to sell vacant land compared to existing homes, lenders typically adopt a more cautious lending strategy when it comes to providing loans for land purchases.

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Acreage Loan FAQs

Do you offer land only loans throughout Australia?

We are based in Melbourne, but we offer home loans including acreage loans throughout Australia. We provide land loans in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and other cities across Australia.

I need to refinance my rural farm loan and want some cash out, can you help?

Yes we can refinance your farm loan. What ever your reason of refinance is may it be cash out, debt consolidation, ATO debt, for investment or just for better rate. We have access to the lenders that offer vacant loan home loan with cash out, Don’t miss the opportunity, Call us now.

Are low doc loans still available if yes what’s the maximum LVR for a low doc acreage loan?

Yes the low doc home loans are still available in Australia. The maximum LVR for low doc loan to buy an acreage depends upon where the land location, types of acreage, land size and zoning. The maximum LVR for a low doc mortgage is upto 60% for regional, rural and remote locations.

Whats is the interest rate for acreage loans in Australia?

The interest rate for acreage mortgages in Australia starts is similar to standard home loan. The rate for vacant land land varies upon LVR, land location, size and zoning and individual credit score.

I am a self-employed and I am thinking of buying a hobby for investment property but don’t have current financials, does Realloans offers low documentation loan for land?

Yes at Realloans Australia have access banks and specialist lenders that offer vacant land low doc to self-employed for buying a land as an investment.

How do I apply for a loan?

Send us an online enquiry or call us at +61412447728 and we will be in touch with some free quotes from leading bank and non-bank lenders that specialise in full and low doc loan for buying or refinance a vacant land.

What is size of land matters when appealing for land only loan?

Yes definitely, the bigger the land is, the harder it will be to finance it. Up to 2 hectares there are certain banks that can lend unto 90 %. With land size greater than 2 hectares, LVR decreases and there are only few lender that can lend.

I have bad credit history, can I get a loan for buying a vacant land?

Depending upon what type of issues you have on your credit file, We have access to non confirming lenders that offer loan with bad credit score. Whether it paid defaults, arrears, missed payment or discharged bankrupt, we offer land only loan to client with bad credit history.

What documents are needed for Loan to Buy Vacant Land acreage ?

Document for acreage land loans is similar to standard home loan unless you are after low doc land loan.

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