Low Doc Commercial Loans

Are you looking for low doc loan to buy or refinance a commercial property? We here at Realloans offer commercial low doc loans at competitive rates and good LVR.

Whether you are a business owner or an investor, Contact us for all you low doc need.

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Low doc commercial Property Loans

Commercial Loan Features

  • Loan purpose is purchase, refinance or release equity from commercial real estate
  • Max Loan Size $25m
  • Owner-occupied or investment
  • Individual, Partnership, Company, Trust and SMSF
  • Maximum LVR 80%
  • Loan term 30 years
  • Repayment Type: Principle & Interest and Interest Only 1-5 years
  • Borrowers with bad credit accepted.

Low Doc Loan Requirement

  1. Have a registered ABN
  2. Sign an income declaration
  3. An accountant’s letter or BAS statements or Business Bank account statements

What are low doc commercial loans?

Low doc commercial loans are designed for self-employed borrowers and professional investors who are unable to provide at least 2 years of company and personal tax returns, as typically required by banks for loan applications.

In Australia, commercial low doc loans are offered by a range of specialist lenders at competitive interest rates, without the need to provide the extensive paperwork that banks usually require.

Documentation varies from lender to lender but generally you will have an ABN, an income declaration which the lender will use to determine affordability of the borrower and 6 – 12 months business bank account statements, accountant’s letter or two recent BAS statements.

Commercial low doc interest rates

The interest rate for a low doc commercial property loan will depend on the size of your deposit, the overall risk of your situation, and the documents that you can provide as alternate income evidence.

As a general rule, many low doc commercial loan lenders offer pricing dependent on the LVR. The lower the LVR, the lower the interest rate applicable.

Some lenders who specialize in commercial low doc loans offer some very competitive interest rates as long as you have a large deposit (i.e. a low LVR).

A few of our lenders offer fixed rates and interest-only periods up to 5 years with their low doc loans. The interest rate for Commercial Low Doc starts from 7.99 – 8.14% % at 60% LVR , around 8.54% for 75% LVR and 8.99% for 80% LVR for a non-specialized commercial real estate.

Interest Rates

What types of properties can I use to secure a commercial low doc loan?

The types of properties that can be used as security for a commercial low doc loan include shop fronts, warehouses, retail shops, offices, rural farms, factories, or residential property. Specialized commercial properties are considered on a case-by-case basis only.

  • Industrial Property – Warehouse, Factory, Manufacturing & Storage
  • Shops & Retail – Supermarket, Bakeries, 
  • Offices
  • Commercial Land- Greenfield, Infill Land & Brownfield Land
  • Apartments, Boarding Houses
  • Special Purpose commercial real estate – Childcare, Petrol Station, Car Wash, Funeral Homes, community halls.

The loan term for low-doc loans can be for 15 to 35 years depending on the lender.

Standard commercial property with smaller loans usually are set-and-forget facilities as compared to set-and-forget facilities with larger commercial loan will require annual reviews.

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Our Commercial Lenders

We are accredited with a large range of lenders so we can provide a solution for your finance needs. We source and negotiate finance with the major banks, second their banks, non banks and private lenders.

Low doc loans for purchasing commercial properties in Australia are offered by second-tier banks. which typically have higher pricing but more flexible credit criteria. If you have a poor credit history or are seeking high LVR loans, specialist lenders are available.

Each commercial lender has its own policies and accepts different documents depend upon whether you are purchasing the commercial real estate in your individual name, company, trust, or business name.

Low doc commercial loans Lenders

How do we apply for a low doc commercial loan?

At Realloans Australia, we have access to second tier and private lender that offer commercial low doc finance .

We check the lender policies and compare it with you situation and present you with the best options,

How much can I borrow for a commercial low doc loan ?

If you are purchasing a commercial property, you can borrow up to 65-80% of the purchase price. A lower Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR) results in better low doc rates.

When refinancing a commercial property, you can refinance up to 80% of the property value.

Commercial Loan with Realloans

Expert Commercial Loan Brokers

Realloans Australia have most experienced commercial loan broker, that specialises in low doc loans.

15+ Commercial Lenders

With a good list of lenders available, Realloans Brokers will provide you with the best low doc loan option that is best suited for you.

Easy Loan Approval

From first contact to settlement, Realloans broker will guide you throughout your loan process and ensure you have a quick easy loan approval.

Commercial Property Loan with BAS statement

 A few commercial low doc lenders view the turnover of a borrower’s business. Using Business Activity Statements (BAS’s) to evidence the income, the lenders take 40% of the business turn over as income.

Who are low doc commercial property loan for?

Low doc commercial property loan caters to both owner-occupiers and investors seeking to purchase, refinance or release equity from commercial real estate.

Most commonly the low doc commercial loans are used by a business owners when they buy their business premises from their landlord or buying their first commercial property or refinancing the exiting commercial loan.

Self employed business owners who cannot provide full financials such as tax returns or financial statements, low doc loan can be perfect alternate to full doc commercial loan.

Can I get a commercial low doc loan if I have bad credit?

Yes, even if a borrower has bad credit, it is still possible to obtain a commercial low doc loan. This may limit the number of lenders that can be approached, but it is possible with an 80% LVR.

Borrowers with bad credit history, such as Discharged Bankruptcies, Mortgage arrears, and both Paid and Unpaid Defaults, can apply for a low doc loan to purchase commercial property. However, they may face lower LVRs and higher interest rates.

Do you offer commercial property loan in Sydney?

Yes we offer no doc commercial loans in Sydney, NSW. Realloans is based in Melbourne, VIC but we provide commercial loans all the cities and towns may it be Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Adelaide and other cities across Australia.

Can I refinance with a low doc commercial loan?

Yes, it is possible to refinance a commercial property using a low doc loan. Whether you are looking to release equity to acquire more properties, invest in your business, or consolidate debt, a low doc commercial refinance can be arranged. Additionally, we can assist with refinancing a commercial real estate property from a private lender to a low doc loan.

If you are considering refinancing a commercial property or seeking a low doc loan, feel free to reach out to our specialist mortgage brokers on +61 412 447 728.

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