Commercial Loans Interest Rates

Commercial Loan Rates term is usually 15 to 25 years with 1 to 5 years interest only. Bellow is the interest rate to buy commercial property in Australia.

Interest Rates for commercial loan

Things on which interest rate of commercial property depends?

The interest rate for a commercial property loan will depend on the size of your deposit, the overall risk of your situation, and the documents that you can provide as income evidence.

As a general rule, many low doc commercial loan lenders offer pricing dependent on the LVR. The lower the LVR, the lower the interest rate applicable.

Low doc commercial loan have higher interest rate as compared to full doc commercial loan.

Some lenders who specialize in commercial low doc loans offer some very competitive interest rates as long as you have a large deposit (i.e. a low LVR).

A few of our lenders offer fixed rates and interest-only periods up to 5 years.

The interest rate for commercial loan are true as of today and Reserve Bank of Australia the cash rate at 4.35%

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