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Thinking of refinancing you home loan or investment property, Let the team of expert mortgage brokers from RealLoans Australia he you achieve you goal. Whether changing your home loan from fixed to variable interest rate or want to use equity of your property, whatever the reason is, Contact RealLoans now for your home loan refinancing needs in Australia.

Refinancing Home Loan

Are you looking to refinance your existing home loan?

Refinancing can be as tricky and complicated as applying for a new loan. Every person has their own individual needs and available sources. So, the process of refinancing involves looking around for best options and for what is available. It can be very daunting as one fears for rejection and that being in their file affecting future applications. We at RealLoans will make sure that does not happen to you. We do all the hard work, explore the options and present you with most suitable for your needs. We prepare all the documentation for you, so you don’t need to stress. 

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Home Loan Refinance FAQs

What is home loan refinance and how does it works?

Home loan refinance is an option for you to get a new loan for home for the of getting better interest rate, access the equity from your home or to consolidate you debt. Depending upon your individual circumstances refinance your home loan is be a good option for you.

How often can you refinance your home loan in Australia?

There is no exact time frame when you can refinancing your home loan in Australia. You need know your purpose of refinance of your home loan, it is to get better rate, release equity or consolidate debt. You can refinance you home loan whenever you like, but you need to ask this, does refinancing solve your problem or does give you the result you are looking for.

How much does it cost to refinance home loan?

There are number of fees to keep in mind when refinance your home loan. Termination fee (fee to be paid to current lender for termination home loan before certain time period), Application fee (may be charged by your new home loan lender), Switching fee (paid when you choose to move to different home loan product of your current lender) or break fee (which is charged by current lender with whom you have a fixed interest rate home loan and when you move to new lender home before the term of your current fixed rate is complete, you have to pay a fee to your previous lender to break the fixed rate home loan .

How much can I borrow with refinancing my home loan?

Most lenders would be happy to pay to 80% of your home value, but I all depends upon the individual circumstances.

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