Crane Finance

What you should know about Crane Finance Services in Australia?

When someone wants to set up their farm, industrial business, or any construction firm then cranes are the most required tool. Moreover, cranes are the necessity of every business for moving or lifting heavy objects where humans are unable to do so. Because of the hefty prices of the modern types of equipment, it’s not a cup of tea for everyone to purchase such expensive pieces of equipment. To overcome the financial stress of businessmen; Realloans are offering crane finance in Australia. Here are some important factors that one should know about crane finance services. 

Renting or Financing 

These both terms are similar however technically these both are different. Although they do help reduce the financial stress of customers when they decided to purchase cranes, their structures are distinct. 

In Renting Process, the lender has to purchase the crane for you and you can use the crane for a short period by just paying rent to the lender. If you want to own the crane after leasing it then you’ll have to pay the total amount after discussing with your lender and you can get the ownership by the end of the contract. 

In Financing Process, you can have a pre-agreed contract in that you can acquire ownership of the crane and make repayment to the granter every month till your contract’s end date. That’s why crane finance is the right option for you if you want to flourish your business without spending your own money. 


The terms and conditions for both financing and renting are the same. These can include monthly charges, monthly payments, and the total length of the contract. 

Types of Cranes we Finance

·        Tower Cranes 

·        All Terrain Cranes 

·        Rough Terrain Cranes 

·        Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes 

Benefits of using Realloans for Crane Financing

Save Money

The main benefit of Crane Financing is that you can purchase the crane without disturbing your budget. No business want to drop a large amount of cash to purchase high-priced pieces of equipment, because they have to take care of another spending also such as salaries, bills, and maintenances of business software. 


At Realloans, our brokers are experienced and worked with various industries. After working with a wide range of firms, we can serve different crane financing options in Australia. 

Our application process is effortless. After choosing the required equipment, you can get all the required information from our professional brokers. If they find all criteria match then they will approve your equipment loan. 

Latest Technology 

At Realloans, our crane financing and leasing companies update fleets regularly. We ensure that you can get updated technology cranes in Australia. 

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