Commercial Mortgage Brokers in Melbourne

Need a commercial loan, Looking for commercial mortgage broker, You are at right place. Let Realloans Australia commercial loan broker with industry knowledge and expertise you get the right loan.

All our commercial loan brokers works withe and will do the hard work for you and find the loan option that is best for you.

Commercial mortgage broker in Melbourne

Commercial Finance Brokers in Melbourne

Business Lending Solutions 

  • Bridging or Working Capital Loans 
  • Business Purchase/Establishment Loans Business 
  • Equipment Purchase Loans 
  • Equity Release (First & Second Mortgages) 
  • Refinance/Debt Consolidation 
  • ATO Debt Loans 

Property Development & Construction Lending Solutions 

  • Land/Property Finance
  • Land Subdivision Finance
  • Development/Construction Finance 
  • Construction Completion Finance 
  • Mezzanine Finance 
  • Residual Stock Loan
  • Renovation/Flip Finance 

Commercial Property Finance

  • Warehouses
  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Centres
  • Factories
  • Shops

Asset Finance Melbourne

Realloans Commercial Broker Melbourne

Looking for top rated commercial mortgage broker in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, whether you need business loan or commercial property loan, Look no further as RealLoans Melbourne brokers are here to assist you with every need,

Whether you need business or commercial loan or asset/equipment finance, private loan, Realloans Melbourne finance advisors will not only help you get the mortgage but also find the best commercial loan. 

Fill an online form with your details or call us today to find out more about your options and the right loan for you. We get it right for you.

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We have one of the best commercial loan brokers that provide every customer a personalised service depending on their individual needs.

30+ Lenders

With many lenders available, RealLoans commercial finance brokers in Melbourne will provide you with the loan option that is best suited for you.

Easy Loan Approval

Business Loan Broker at RealLoans Melbourne will guide you throughout your loan process and ensure you have a quick easy loan approval. 

Loan settlement

We will ensure that your loan application process is smooth and we will keep you informed throughout the process until the settlement. 


We answer your questions about mortgage brokers.

Who is a commercial mortgage broker? What does he/she do?

When applying for a commercial loan, whether it’s a business loan, commercial equipment finance, business vehicle loan, commercial property loan or any other loan, a commercial mortgage broker can help help you get the right loan as compared to going directly to the bank
In simple words, a commercial mortgage broker is a middleman between the customer and the lender (bank), who acts in best interest of the customers and not the lenders.

Should I use a commercial mortgage broker in Melbourne?

Realloans Commercial mortgage brokers are expert professionals that ASIC registered and who have access to 30-40 lenders with 100s of loan products. As a customer you probably will not be aware of the right lender to go to, commercial mortgage broker not only helps you with securing the commercial loan but also explains about why we choose a particular lender.
Mortgage broker is an experienced professional who acts in the best interest of their customers.

Why should i use a Realloans commercial mortgage broker in Melbourne instead of going directly to the bank?

When looking for commercial loan in Melbourne, going directly to bank will not only limit your loan options but you can also miss on better interest rates or better loan features.
We as a mortgage broker act in your best interest, listen to your needs and then find the loan product that meets your needs and objectives.
RealLoans Melbourne commercial mortgage broker will provide you with at least 3 loan options and explain as to why the lenders have been chosen and which one you should go with. 

Does a commercial mortgage broker charge fee?

In Melbourne, mortgage brokers are payed by the lender, our commercial mortgage brokers may or may not charge fee, but if they do, they will provide you with a credit quote before providing the mortgage advice.

What type of loans can RealLoans commercial mortgage broker help me in Melbourne?

RealLoans Melbourne commercial brokers can help you with all types of commercial loans including business loans, asset finance, equipment finance, motor vehicle finance or property development finance.
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